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Hermosillo is the capital of Sonora and welcomes all visitors to this oasis in the middle of the desert. The city is better known as the “sun city” and is one of the most important cities in northern Mexico. It is located just 250 kilometers from the border with Arizona and is, without doubt, an excellent place to visit for vacations or business.


With a friendly population that welcomes the tourist, the capital of Sonora offers its visitors the best restaurants, first class hotels, amusement parks, cultural centers, theaters, museums, interesting places to visit, and a modern network of avenues.


Located at the center of the state, it provides  easy access to every major tourist destinations such as  the peaceful beaches of Kino Bay, archeological zone of “La Pintada,"  access to the Rio Sonora route, the colorful city of Alamos and the beach of San Carlos.


Inside the city, the visitor finds several attractions for children and adults. Here are some:


Asuncion Cathedral Considered the most important religious construction of the city, the cathedral is a "must-visit." Construction on this majestic structure was initiated in 1877 and, since then, it has become an icon. The Zaragoza plaza where the cathedral is located offers a beautiful kiosk (kiosco) and walking paths where the visitor can share pleasant moments of tranquility.                                  destinations_hermosillo.jpg

Government Palace Construction of this marvel began in 1881 and ended in 1906. It offers beautiful mural paintings for visitor to admire.


Ecological Center Located on the south of the city, this botanic garden and zoo offers 300 different plant categories and more than 200 different animal species. Periodic film exhibitions are also held for children and adults.


Del Carmen Chapel Exactly where No Reeleccion Avenue comes to its end stands the grandiose chapel of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, an ancient and important building in Hermosillo, witness to the history and dreams of the people in Hermosillo.


Cerro de la Campana this place is without doubt the singular most traditional spot to visit. At its top, the visitor will be able to appreciate a full panoramic view of the city.


“Cultura Popular” Museum Also known as the Hoeffer house, this was originally owned by Dr. Alberto Hoeffer, who built it during 1904. It reflects the French influence of the Porfiriato era and functions today as museum, holding tons of documents depicting the historic richness of the State and the ethnic groups that first populated the state.
Culture House Opened to the public since 1980, it is a place dedicated to promote, preserve and rescue the artistic and cultural manifestations of the people of Sonora.


Sonora Museum located in an old building that used to be the state penitentiary; this museum displays the history of the State with a broad array of exhibits.
Museum Library of the University of Sonora Located within one of the buildings that better identifies the city of Hermosillo, the building lodges the Regional Museum of Anthropology and History, the Museum of Archaeology, the Emiliana de Zubeldía Theater, library, bookstore, and gallery of plastic arts, radio and television of the university.


La Sauceda This amusement park is the most-visited in the state. Here, every member of the family can find something interesting, such as go-karts, pools, mini-golf and many more. Inside this park is La Burbuja Children's Museum, an extraordinary building where children discover a world of the new. It has over 90 games and exhibitions spread over two levels.


Golf For the lover of this sport, Hermosillo possesses an 18-hole golf course, with artificial lakes and a great environment, as well as restaurant, tennis courts, swimming pool and much more.


Hermosillo residents are friendly people who welcome all visitors the best way they can. The city celebrates several festivities and events all year long that all tourists should make a part of their stay:

March:         Yaquis Easter
April:           Anniversary of Hermosillo as capital (26 of April 1879) "A desert for the dance"
May:           Expo Gan Fair,celebrations Fiestas del Pitic (Anniversary of Hermosillo)
Hispano-American encounter of writers "Hours of June" Celebration of the Vendimia                   (June-July)
October:     Activities of anniversary of the University of Sonora Hermosillo






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